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Customer Journey

A customer journey is the homework you do to better understand your customer’s experience with your brand

Let’s say you need to take a client on a trip in order to speak at a conference. Do you just jump in the car and take off without a clue as to where you’re going and why? Hopefully not. You do your homework and research where you are going, when the speaker needs to be there, and you take your tools (GPS) with you so you will arrive safe and sound. It’s your journey.

A customer journey is the homework you do to better understand your customer’s experience with your brand. It’s a way of taking your data about your customer and turning it into a story. But make no mistake, the story you are telling is not just for entertainment, it is imperative in teaching your brand about your prospects and customers.

A well-developed customer journey map gives you a deeper insight into your customer’s experience: from initial contact, through the process of engagement and into a long-term relationship. The customer journey is instrumental in finding gaps, understanding context, improving communication, and taking away any “bumps” customers might feel when interacting with multiple departments or managing multiple projects.

Marketers who use customer journeys report that they get to really know their customers through the different phases from prospect to customer to advocate. They can review what may have worked before, but must change now, especially in today’s business climate.


We use this 8 point process to better understand what your prospects and customers what to achieve with their relationship with your brand and what their experience actually is with your organization.

choose scope

This can vary from a high-level map that highlights total experience to a more detailed map that focuses on one touchpoint. This helps you provide a more consistent customer experience across all channels and touchpoints.

create persona

Having solid information about your users will prevent you from making false assumptions. Interview your real or potential users. Conduct contextual inquiry Analyze the results of user surveys

define scenarios

The scenario describes the situation that the journey map addresses. It can be real or anticipated.

create touchpoints

Touchpoints are user actions and interactions with the product/business.

user intentions

Motivation. Why are they trying to engage with your brand? Channels. Where does the interaction take place? Actions. What are the actual behaviors and steps taken by your prospects or customers? Pain points. How are your prospects or customers trying to improve their lives with your product or service? What problem are they trying to solve?

sketch journeys

By visually developing your customers’ journey in a format of step-by-step interaction, you can better understand each touchpoint for user experience that the persona has with your brand

emotional state

Adding an emotional element to your customer journey map is vital. Visualizing the emotional “ups” and “downs” of your prospect’s or customer’s experience, will show the areas of experience that require refinement.

validate & update

Gather and analyze information from your users on a regular basis. User feedback being listened to and acted upon in a timely manner is something that can provide an improved customer experience and enhance your understanding of the customer journey.

Remember, creating your user journey map helps establish a shared vision across your entire company. Make sure everyone on your team utilizes entire experience of your brand from the user’s standpoint. Make use of this information across all areas of your business to include marketing, sales, operations, service, billing and At Binary Marketing, we understand and will implement a successful marketing strategy with you. How? By combining the right mixture of customer data and stories that evolve throughout the journey and provide the value you and your customers have been seeking.