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Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Marketing Beyond the Traditional Funnel

Check out the illustration below. The traditional sales funnel where we see a start and finish is no longer relevant. Your customers’ journey may look a bit like a squiggly line. Are you looking at each phase as a business building strategy, or tactic? After all, the goal of customer lifecycle marketing is to manage the customer’s relationship with your brand as a cycle that repeats itself and evolves. 

We want to generate as much value out of your brand’s relationships with your customers as possible. One and done is not how we look at things.


A prospect becomes familiar with your brand long before he or she visits your website.By actively promoting your brand through social media channels and word of mouth,people get a general understanding of your value to them and decide to do further research.


If customers appreciate the quality of the item/service that you provide, they’ll engage with your brand through various offerings such as mailing lists, social media, online reviews and newsletters. This makes you more accessible and relevant.


Customers gather all sorts of information about you and your competitors through social media and reviews. You must give them a chance to find the answers at their own pace, thus providing them with consistent, positive experience across multiple channels.


Providing maximum support at this stage is essential. Research shows that more than 80% of customers require some degree of support while making a purchase. More than 50% of prospects will abandon their purchase decision if they cannot have questions answered and complete the process quickly and with minimal effort. Good communication = positive experience.

support experience

Attracting new customers is more challenging than building a solid relationship with existing ones. However, in both cases, exceptional customer service is paramount. Every interaction with customer support should convince your customer that you areinterested in building a relationship with him or her so they will choose to remain loyal to your brand.


Is your brand the newest, most exciting on the planet today? Will it be tomorrow? Establishing and maintaining a long-lasting connection with customers through an emotional bond ensures that the customer believes in you and your product/service. At Binary Marketing, we get it and can tell you, “facts tell and stories sell”. Let’s tell your story, and more importantly, let’s get your customers to tell your story.

So How Does Customer Lifecycle Marketing Improve the Bottom Line?

Remember, when you provide a better experience for your customers during every phase of their relationship with your brand, it will pay dividends and continue to help your business to meet and exceed profit expectations.

Let’s talk about your business objectives and goals.

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