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Program Analysis

So, how do we determine whether our marketing efforts have been successful?

First, we’ve identified what constitutes a successful marketing campaign. Now we review data and results to determine whether it had the desired impact based on business objectives.

  • Did we reach the desired audiences?
  • Was it cost-effective?
  • Did it generate the sales expected?
  • Were the metrics and KPIs for the specific elements of the campaign accurate?

Marketing metrics might include the number of customers viewing and reacting to content marketing, the number of social media “shares” or “likes,” the number of visits to a website, increases in sales by dollar amount or percentage, the proportion of new customers vs. existing customers, customer spending levels, etc.

Remember, knowing what the right set of marketing metrics is depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the marketing campaign.
Our goal is to capture and analyze the appropriate metrics to understand the value of marketing activities, which improves planning and future success.

program analysis

  • Review campaign strategies and objectives
  • Conduct a review of your creative approach
  • Break down results by channel
  • Create key takeaways
  • Create recommendations for next steps (new strategy, different tactics, customer experiences)